Galen Elf, Male, 48, Relicant of Water


Dacedu is a spellcaster first and foremost. He will generally take the path of least resistance, but isn’t afraid to do what must be done to succeed. He can also use logic to his advantage quite well.


Dacedu Bruivon is a rather unusual Elf. He is slightly taller than the average Man, but is quite short by Elf standards. His hair is dirty blonde with hints of grey and very curly. His eyes are a greyish blue and his skin is pale. He is very thin and has little strength, though he makes up for this with his incredible magical power. His preferred style of dress is a set of specially crafted navy blue combat robes trimmed with silver. He wears a pair of blue dragon leather boots and when necessary also dons a pair of matching gloves. He also carries a staff which he uses to focus his spells.


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