Human, Male, Wayfinder, 47, Relicant of Air (Gandalf of the group)


Cal’s skills have not yet been witnessed by the party.

When it comes to combat, he is very strong and quite the acrobat. He obviously enjoys Air spells, but found being able to zip around the battlefield with his bow his greatest strength. If cornered, he can turn to his melee training and hold his own against Dwarf fighters on a good day. Cal also believes in the purity of Air and will only use Air spells, to his disadvantage.

Calvin, or Cal, is a tall and slender Man, with shoulder-length brown hair. His eyes are gray, surrounded by sharp features. He possesses an air of subdued superiority and sorrow. He takes great pride in his appearance, despite looking slightly windblown often; he likes his armor shining and his weapons flawless. As a Knight of White Radiance, presentation is important to him. With the recent resurgence of the Cult, Cal has taken it upon himself to gather the remaining Relicants and do what the Order no longer will/can: train them as a team so they may defeat Evil.

For reference, I’ve included his introductory speech below:

Calvin’s Introductory Speech

Good, you’re all awake. I apologize for the manner in which I have gathered you all here today. I trust everyone is unhurt? You will understand soon enough that it was absolutely necessary.

I am Calvin, Relicant of Air. Many of you may not recognize that word, as the Order of White and their Relicants have become…lessened…of late. A terrible threat has emerged, one that may end the world as we know it. And only we can stop it. You see, like me, you four are Relicants, a line powerful elemental warriors that stand opposed to all Evil.

I’m sure you’ve noticed when casting spells in your life that one element was always easier, more natural, and just felt right. In another time, people with your special attunement would have been recognized, tested, and brought to Union City for a lifetime of training to become a true Relicant Knight, but unfortunately that time has passed.

The threat, calling herself the Princess of Disaster, has been locating and eliminating the other Relicants. Energy, Ice, Sonic…they were killed over the last few months…but as we say, “Never Dead, Only Lost, To Be Found.” You see, a Relicant’s power is not his own. It is a part of the Element which he represents. If a Relicant is killed, their power transfers to a Potential Relicant. I was able to find all of you, thankfully, descendants of my former companions, but the other three…I have no leads. They have only recently received their power, and may not even be aware of it yet.

“Her Majesty’s” plan is to use the life energy of Albion to make herself a God. There is still much she must do to prepare, and for that we are lucky.

Unfortunately, we do not have a years to prepare you all for the battle ahead, so you must learn on the go and become a team. To initiate that, I have a task for you. Remember, you are Relicants, and together you are strong. I’ve done plenty of talking, and know much about you already. I will head up to my cottage to finish preparing breakfast, feel free to talk among yourselves and get to know each other. Come up when you are ready, and while you eat I’ll explain more about your task.

You are the new generation…I am simply a Relicant of days passed. This quest is yours, and yours alone. I will guide you and help you when I can, but only you can unite Albion once again under the White Banner.


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