Princess of Disaster

Session 8

Dear Cal,
As you probably know, the order of the white would like us to help regain the public’s trust and respect. Although I questioned why we weren’t going after the princess directly, they said they were sending their rangers to gain more information on how to beat her. We were presented with several opportunities to help people and spread the word of the order of the white.

Our first trek was to rid Haverton of a necromancer. Decedu still hadn’t rejoined us from the archives, and Loki was missing again (probably up to his usual shenanigans) so it was just Jaern, Dimli and myself. We decided an airship was the best way to travel.
Dimli haggled with the captain of an airship for passage, we just had to take a slight detour to help him deliver his wares.

Once we were at the outskirts of Haverton, we set up camp and took watches throughout the night. The town looked very deserted from a distance.

The next morning we went into town and tried to gather information. I wanted to just announce who we were, and find the person so wrote the letter, but the boys thought it best to be more cautious. Upon speaking with a few townfolk, we gathered the necromancer was in the mine. The poor town wasn’t doing to well as the mine is their main livelihood, and many of its citizens were being attacked by zombies. We spoke with a dwarf we had met while retrieving the book from the mines previously, and told him who we were and why else were there. He said that town scholar would be the only one who might have written us the note.

We headed to the scholar’s home. It looked like it had been attacked, but upon entering nothing inside was out of place. We couldn’t find any clues inside, so we headed to the mines.

Sure enough, zombies were waiting inside for us! We managed past them and entered into the large open area. There was a dark figure on the ceiling. I cast a pollen spell at it, and sure enough it was the necromancer and he wasn’t too happy! I tried to ask what he wanted with the town and ask him to leave, but he wasn’t being very cooperative. Jaern shot an arrow at his face which enraged him. We struggle through fighting off him and a hoard of zombies at his command.

We were able to defeat him with only a few injuries, and all the zombies turned to dust. I picked up his staff and carried into town announcing that he was dead, and that the order of the white was here to help. The towns people inspected the staff, and then rejoiced. They said they would speak highly of the order of the white.

All in all it was a success!



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