Princess of Disaster

Session 7

Dear Cal,

I value precision and accuracy, so I’ll keep this as brief as I can. Because of my brief introductions to the Order of the White and all parties associated, I cannot recall the names of everyone involved, but the facts as follows should be accurate. Because there were no sentients were successfully fought and killed during the proceedings, I did not bother to record the facts as thoroughly as usual since no report or rite need be filed after.

Upon my arrival and introduction to the Order of the White and the other Relicants, we were given an ancient tome and told to investigate a crystal I assume was obtained recently. Once we came upon the crystal outside of the headquarters, the dwarf fighter Dimli examined the tome, and myself, the Illusionist Cili, and Dimli chanted as a group. As we chanted and consulted the tome, the crystal began to crack, eventually shattering. When it shattered, I saw the image of a woman, ethereal and a wispiness in place of her legs. She appeared and then vanished, which deeply disturbed a member of the Order who was watching us deal with the crystal. We followed him back to the main meeting room where an elderly dwarf revealed that the woman we saw was an evil sorceress, a wayward woman much similar to us Relicants (though called by a different title) but who attempted to “bind herself to evil” and was killed. She is apparently attempting to regain access to the physical world through these crystals and other means we may not yet be aware of, but we were assured that she would come and we will need to work to ready ourselves and the order until that time. We were informed that many people had lost faith in the Order and were unlikely to support the Order because they would not likely believe our prognostications.

With this in mind, the Order’s keeper of the coin sent us on a demi-quest to discover treasure to help fund the Order so that we could hire soldiers, whether they believed the prophecies or not. Thus, we set off for a nearby island. When we reached the island, we followed a map to a beach under a chameleon illusion cast by Cili and discovered a large stone face in the cliff. Dimli, from the virtual invisibility of the illusion spell, masqueraded as the island, claiming to have gained sentience, and talked with the face to gain information about the treasure we sought. Once we discovered that the face was the gateway to the treasure trove, we tried to prompt it to give us entry. The word “Marble” had been carved in the cliff below the face, and after two attempts by myself to use an actual marble to convince the face to let us past, the face finally opened its mouth and allowed us to enter the treasure cave. I assumed that presenting marble, in some form, was what forced the cave to allow us in.

Inside the cave were a series of tests which I will delineate for you since the Order will likely need to return to retrieve more treasure. The exact order of the tests may be inaccurate, but their solutions should be correct.
1. A stone dwarf on a pedestal in room filled with stone implements. He requests a balanced attack, and this room may be passed by giving him a stone spellbook and a stone hammer. He will crush or drop any other items such as a shield or a dagger. Once he has the spellbook and hammer, he will allow you to pass and will play with his items until you leave the cave.
2. A room with a clock and button. The clock is driven by falling stones and is reset by pressing the button. Though it is unnerving, the solution to this puzzle is to do nothing and allow the clock to count down. We attempted pressing the button, but because it stopped the clock and halted the implements, we agreed, at my behest, to allow it to proceed.
3. A room with a rope crossing a bottomless pit. The solution, much like the previous room, is that the pit is not bottomless and is only painted to appear so. I discovered this upon crossing the rope and looking back towards the party.
4. A room with a rope which came be pulled to open a door, but once the rope is released the door will shut instantly. Though there are likely several solutions to this problem, we solved the puzzle by convincing the stone dwarf from the first room that it would be enjoyable to hold the chain down for us (a lie, though he didn’t realize it was one until after we exited the cave).
5. A room with a riddle on the wall and several lizard eggs and the threat that one will hatch each time the riddle is guessed incorrectly. While I cannot the recall the riddle itself, the solution relates to the words of the riddle and not the substance of it. We initially guessed “death,” and fought and killed a large lizard, Cili and I striking one blow apiece while Dimli dealt the opening and finishing blows. The solution is the letter “e” and will allow you to pass to the next room where the treasure is store.

In the treasure room was a broken stone golem, which we did not risk in reactivating, and many treasures typical stored in such caches. We opted to take items and gems rather than just gold because they had more value per weight and even carried back a bundle of treasure wrapped in one of our cloaks. Upon exiting the cave, we were confronted by an elf and her train of archaeologists. Cili attempted another chameleon illusion and then a sea-bear attack illusion, but neither was successful because the elf appeared to be highly skilled as an illusionist and saw through Cili’s attempts. During the conversation that followed, we nearly came to blows, but with the elf having superior numbers and with us limited in mobility by carrying so much treasure, we were at a disadvantage and avoided direct conflict. I considered several times surprising the elf with an arrow through her left eyeball, but saw only a marginal tactical advantage in that, so I refrained.

The elf made it know to us as we spoke that she felt she had claim to our treasure because of the time she had spent attempting to enter the cave. When when we assured her that there was a large cache of treasure left in the cave which she was welcome to have, she seemed to relent a little but demanded we tell her how to gain entry and pass all the subsequent tests. It was here that we discovered that we had gained entry through luck and that our method had only worked by luck because presenting the marble did not work for the elf. She seemed very angry because she evidently thought we were attempting to trick her, but we discovered that the face had to say the word “Marble” and would then allow the speakers entry. Once she was allowed to go inside and retrieve treasure, the elf relented and we returned to the Order’s headquarters unaccosted.

The Order’s keeper of the coin was very pleased with our treasure and directions for how to obtain more from the cave and told us that we would now need to increase the people’s faith in the Order. We will do this by sifting through the many letters the Order receives requesting aid and choose to respond to letters that are the most prominent and do the most good for the most people. We are now set to look over the letters and decide which of the letters we will answer, because we cannot hope to answer them all.




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