Princess of Disaster

Session 6

My dearest father,

I know that our most recent time together was brief, but you know that I have important things to do and had to leave in a hurry. As such I have decided that I will keep you updated as to what transpires on our journey, and so I am sending you this letter. Hopefully you will find our adventures to be at least entertaining if not enlightening.

As you know, I was in the Elven Capital concerning the matter of some human soldiers who had fallen ill. I was assisting in attempting to break the curse’s hold on them. We eventually managed to break its hold on one of them, but the rest are still in its thrall. It was at about this time that the rest of my compatriots returned from their excursion.

They explained to me about their recent trip to an old ruined fortress, which turned out to be a headquarters for the cult which we have been fighting against since we were recruited by Cal. But what interested me most was the story of the children who had been captured and have now been rescued. One of them, Zinlaz, daughter of one of the Dwarven competitors, was very quiet and subdued throughout the journey back from the fortress. From what the other children told my friends, the cult members seemed most interested in her, especially after she apparently reacted to some of the magic they were performing on her.

After considering what the others told me, I decided that I should talk to Zinlaz myself. We went to her room, where I asked her again about what she had seen and experienced in the fortress. She too explained how the cult members were quite interested in her after she reacted several times to the experiments they were performing.

At this point, Caranmacilien placed her hand on Zinlaz’s arm in an attempt to comfort her. There was a sudden flash of light. She suddenly pulled her arm away looking extremely frightened. The rest of us were quite startled as well. When we asked her about it, she explained that that was similar to the experiences she had had with the cult. Considering what her father had told us before we had set out to meet her, and based on what we had now seen, we decided that she would need to be examined by Cal to confirm whether or not she is the reliquary.

The next morning, the dwarf children were going to be taken back to the Dwarven Capital. We managed to convince the soldiers loading up the boat to let us accompany them. Just after we took off, I sent a letter to Cal alerting him to our progress and asking him to meet us at the Dwarven Capital. We then set off. While Caranmacilien entertained the children with some of her illusions, Dimli and I assisted the crew.

As we were beginning to near our destination, our airship was suddenly caught in a massive gust of wind. I nearly fell off, but Dimli managed to pull me back on board. We discovered we were being attacked by a White Drake. As we prepared to fight it, it suddenly called out in the Dragon language for us to hold. I shouted this to the others, and they immediately stood down with their weapons and cannons. It came up to the ship and settled itself upon the flight deck. It then turned to me and began to speak to me mentally.

He explained that he had caught the scent of a fallen Dragon and had followed it to us, where he discovered that I was wearing Dragon boots and gloves. As you know, father, I claimed these gloves and boots as trophies for having defended a small village from an attack by a rogue Dragon. The Drake examined me and found no reason to believe I was lying, but he could not read my mind to confirm this. So, he made me swear a blood oath that I would make my way to Dovahstrun to face trial concerning my story. After I swore the oath he agreed to guide us safely to our destination.

When we arrived, we discovered that Cal had already made it to the capital. Once all of the children had been unloaded from the ship, we followed the soldiers escorting Zinlaz home at a distance. We allowed her and her parents to have a tearful reunion before Cal asked to speak to her father privately. In his office, Cal explained that Zinlaz was the reliquary. He also explained that she needed to be taken somewhere where she could be kept safe.

It was at about this time that our friend Loki, who had not been seen in a few days, awoke in a dark secret compartment on board the very airship we had just departed. After a brief and mostly unproductive conversation with a drunken soldier, he made his way to Zinlaz’s house.

Zinlaz’s father, meanwhile, did not seem to believe that we and Cal could provide sufficient protection for Zinlaz. Cal asked for a chance to demonstrate what we could do, and so Zinlaz’s father escorted us to a small practice area inside the house. There, after Loki caught up with us, Cal demonstrated that we, the relicants, could combine with the reliquary, that being Zinlaz, to form an elemental avatar with exceptional power. This was finally enough to convince him, but we would also have to convince Zinlaz. When we mentioned that she would probably get a chance to hurt cult members, she readily accepted.

At this point I noticed that Cal’s eyes seemed to be almost teary. But whatever I saw only lasted for a moment. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on him.

It wasn’t long afterwards that Zinlaz had finished packing. We then made our way to the airship docks, where we commissioned a small ship to take us to Union Island. The journey was rough, but uneventful. After arriving on the island, I was surprised to find that most of the buildings were rather run down. After all the stories I had heard of the grandeur of Union Island and the White Council who ruled from there, the actual city itself was a bit of a letdown.

Cal told us to enter the main Council chamber while he went off to take care of some personal business. In the main chamber we encountered a number of white-haired old men. At first, they seemed to think we were just a joke. But when we insisted that we were actually relicants, they had us place our hands on a page of one of the tomes they had. When each of us touched it, different runes would light up on the page, indicating which element we were most associated with. In light of the fact that we were not jokes, Zinlaz was escorted off by herself while we were told to head to the official armorer who had prepared something for us in the off chance that we were real.

At the armory, Loki was given a finely crafted bow, Dimli was given a choice between a few weapons, Caranmacilien was directed to a local mage who could hone her spell for her, and I was given a new wand. We were then sent for some basic training from the head trainer. After a preliminary session where he determined how developed our skills were, we were told to go to our rooms, which were labeled with our elements, and get some rest for the next day.

Shortly after we had settled in, Dimli came to my door. He was telling me about a beam of purple energy he had seen shooting up from the shore. Based on how he described it, it sounded a lot like the same beam of energy they’d seen shoot up from the fortress that they had attacked and freed the children from. We woke up the others and made our way out to the training field, where the training master was still practicing. We explained to him what we had seen, and the five of us decided to look into it.

What we found on the beach was a strange crystal being guarded by a large stone statue. In one hand it held a sword and in the other it held a slingshot. And in the center of its chest was a glowing orb that was alternating between different colors. As we approached it, it shouted a warning to us, telling us not to come any closer. We tried going around the statue to approach the crystal, but the statue adjusted its position, placing itself directly between us and the crystal. It shouted a second warning, this time saying that it was final. We decided that despite the danger the statue and the crystal clearly were not meant to be here, so we decided to fight it.

The combat master started first, throwing his spear at it. It did very little damage and bounced right off its chest. It then tried to attack him, but he managed to evade the blow. The rest of us then began to attack it, and it took a while, but we managed to bring it down.

We then began to examine the crystal. One of us touched it, and it sent another beam of energy into the sky. Then we remembered that we had seen something similar to this crystal in the book we had gotten from the cult members on our very first mission for Cal (and yes, I am creating a translated copy to be sent to the archives). For some strange reason Loki had it.

Caranmacilien and I skimmed through it, and between the two of us we managed to figure out that the crystal is used in an ancient and long forgotten branch of magic designed to control life and death itself. We managed to figure out that the crystal is designed to absorb the life energy of all living things around it, and that in order to break it apart an incantation must be spoken. But rather than try to cast the incantation ourselves, we went in search of someone who would know how to cast it.

However, on our way, I thought I might be able to figure this out myself, so I went down to the Order’s Archives to see what I could dig up. I have since spent some time looking for answers, but have found nothing. Perhaps the books on this type of magic are kept by the heads of the order in another location.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut the letter off here, as I have spent too long in the archives (there’s no telling what kind of trouble my companions have gotten into without me). But I will write you again when I get the chance. Give my love to mother.

Respectfully yours,



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